Monday, August 15, 2011

Upstairs Colour Scheme!

Planning is well underway for renovating the upstairs apartment of our house.  We have some boring but necessary stuff in the works (attic insulation) and some much more exciting stuff too (bathroom reno anyone?).  More on those projects later.

We've been digging through our fan decks and paint chips to come up with a colour scheme.  One blog that's been really helpful in the process is the Colour Collective.  Essentially the whole blog is a series of colour schemes pulled from inspiring (often fashion related) images.  Here are a few of our favourites:

There's a good chance it might change, but here is the colour scheme we have come up with so far:
The colours are all Benjamin Moore.  From left to right, they are:
Once September rolls around, we'll be able to start painting!


white collar | green soul said...

Depending on how big your upstairs is, I would consider cutting down a few colours... that is a lot of variety for one floor, you know? Maybe get rid of one neutral and one non-neutral and you should be set.

I do love the colours though. Out of the preselected schemes the first is my favourite - that green is great.

the blues are nice too... i love paint selection!
- agata.

citify said...

Seems like a lot of colours, I know...but, there are 5 rooms + a hallway and all the rooms are very separate (ie, not open concept). Some of these will be used very sparingly too - just one feature wall, or above a chair rail or mostly just accessories...we'll see!

Lisa PN said...

What a great blog!
Thanks so much for sharing!