Saturday, June 29, 2013

Reno Gold - Original Hardwood

So.....remember when I said we might consider refinishing the original hardwood under all those layers of vinyl tile in the kitchen if it was in decent condition...but that that was highly unlikely?

Well, surprise surprise!  There is beautiful golden hardwood under there and we are going to refinish it!

So, despite the fact that we spent hours upon hours selecting the perfect tile for the space, we are scrapping that and saving some serious $$! 

Refinishing won't come without challenges.  We realized that when after hours and hours and hours of scraping up vinyl tile we found a lovely hole in the floor in one of the most visible areas....but, overall we are thrilled with the idea of original hardwood.  We were always a bit uneasy about how the tile would age over time, but the hardwood is classic and true to the vintage of the house....and now we have a bit of room in the budget for surprises....or maybe a new light fixture!

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