Monday, April 23, 2012

The Nursery Begins...

Life's about to get a whole lot different around these parts.  Yup, we're expecting...TWINS.  Identical twin boys to be exact.  We've got about 3 1/2 months until our little bundles of joy arrive, so we're getting down to business and prepping the nursery.

This weekend's an Ikea Pax wardrobe.  We initially had hopes of finding something vintage, but the busyness of life and the exhaustion of pregnancy squashed our visions of scouring flea markets and antique stores.  So we defaulted to Ikea (of course).  Besides, now that we are living in our 750 square foot upstairs apartment, space and especially storage are at a premium.  The customizability of Ikea's Pax system help make the most of what room we have.

Just like the Ikea flyers tell you, when space is at a premium, maximize vertical storage.  At 8' tall, this wardrobe does just that.  What they failed to mention (and what I failed to think of) is that that vertical storage gets built horizontally...and needs a whole lot of floor space...

Yup...just enough space in our 8'x12' nursery to inch my way around and get this thing built.  I had some reservations about not having enough room to tip the wardrobe vertically...but a little manouvering and we somehow got it in place.
We opted for glass Storas doors - they are slightly reflective and subtly transluscent, so they help reduce the massiveness of the wardrobe.  We had initally planned for two hanging rods, but decided that drawer space is more practical...after all, are we really going to have time to put each of their teeny pieces of clothing on hangers.  Not likely.  So we'll just throw nicely fold everything and shove gently place it in one of the three Komplement drawers.  We've left space at the top and bottom to add some storage bins to fill with whatever other crap nice things the babies come with.

Oh and hey, did you see those awesome wooden animals in the first picture?
We picked them up on our last-real-vacation-ever-before-our-lives-are-consumed-by-kids trip last fall in Copenhagen.  Copenhagen is pretty much the best place on earth for kids stuff - there's a toy / kids store on just about every corner.  I think it's something to do with the legacy of LEGO (did you know that "LEGO" is from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means "play-well", I do, because Wikipedia just told me).

Anyways, these little guys are from Holztiger.  They are handcrafted, handpainted, and Made in Europe.  And yes, I fully realize that one day our little angels will colour all over them with marker.  That's why I took a picture of them.

And now for some tips for anyone building a Pax wardrobe right now and found this post by googling "I would rather have a big Pax bonfire than continue building this giant wardrobe!"
  • even though when you generated your shopping list from the easy as pie Pax wardrobe planner, it says that the hinges are included with your Storas door, they are not.  Get over it.  They are in a separate bin that you can only find by asking someone.  If you, like me, did not realize this fact until you got home and were trying to put your wardrobe together, you will have to drive all the way back to the store to get them...yay!
  • Komplement drawers can be placed in every 6th hole.  That means drawer, 5 empty holes, then another drawer.
  • Hinges get in the way of your available holes.  Put the doors on first so you can see where your other stuff can go.
  • If you (like pretty much everyone) have baseboards / quarter round around the perimeter of your room, your wardrobe will not sit flush against the wall, making it difficult to use the provided holes in the back of the wardrobe to anchor it to the wall.  Instead I plan to buy some steel L brackets from the hardware store to connect the top of the wardrobe to the wall.


Bill and Nicole said...

You are hilarious!
just a point... Did you know that the babies won't come with anything besides the ability to poop, sleep, eat and cry? Their "things" are provided by their loving and exhausted parents and the wonderful friends of their parents ...aka showers...hmmmm. that reminds me we'll have to do that for Tessa soon :)

Just making sure u remembered that new to be daddy-o. :)

lol... can I tell you again how excited I am for you two! When are you planning on taking over your house in its entirety?


citify said...

Haha - thanks Nicole! We are trying not to get sucked in too far into the commercialization vortex of the baby industry...but it's a vortex with a mighty force!

And showers are indeed in the works - will let you know more details soon!