Sunday, July 17, 2011

Curly Willow - Our Wedding Tree

When we got married just over three years ago (wow time flies!), these were our altar arrangements.  The tall gnarled sticks are curly willow branches.  When the florist told us that these branches would 'propagate' if left in water, I didn't think much of it.  Then we went away on our honeymoon and came back to see that they had indeed 'propogated' (started to form roots!).  We left them in water for a couple months, then planted them in my parents backyard.  After just three years, they've turned into a fairly large tree:
I'd guess that they're already pushing 20 feet in height!  Last year we took a few cuttings to get our propagation on once again.  After letting the branches root for a while, we planted them in our own backyard:
It's been a very dry summer so far, but the cuttings seem to have taken quite well and there's a fair bit of new growth.

Kind if cheesy I know, but it's pretty neat to think that this little tree was in some way present the day we got married.  While we don't plan to move anytime soon, if we ever do, we'll be sure to bring a couple branches with us so we can propagate them once again.

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