Monday, July 4, 2011

Back to Suburbia (Temporarily)

Unfortunately you read that correctly.  We have temporarily moved back to the suburbs.  Don't worry, we haven't sold our house or anything...but we did kind of rent it out.  You see, one thing I haven't mentioned is that the top floor of our house is a separate apartment that we have rented out since day one.  Our upstairs tenants let us know that after two years, they were purchasing their own house and would be moving out.  We decided that we wanted to get started on renovations upstairs and in the attic, so it would make sense for us to move upstairs and rent out the ground floor.  We began the process of renting out the ground floor and found amazing tenants right away!  Unfortunately, the plans of our upstairs tenants were delayed a bit...which put is in a conundrum.

We decided that since we have a place to move to temporarily (the in-law suite in my parents place where we lived for the first year of our marriage), we would let our upstairs tenants stay a while longer and we would move...twice.  So for two months, we are back in the suburbs....sigh.

The good news is, come fall, we will have a whole new floor of the house to tackle.  We're spending the summer planning some renovation projects, picking paint colours, and refinishing some great pieces of vintage furniture we've picked up. was not easy to leave our beautiful ground floor, especially after all the work we put into it.  Now, it's a blank slate for our lovely new tenants:
Yup, we even re-painted the Living and Dining Rooms.  We'd been toying with the idea of an off-white for a while and when out new tenants asked for a lighter colour, we went for it.  We chose Benjamin Moore's OC-46, Halo.

I realized we haven't even had a chance to share the other rooms on the ground floor, so over the next while we'll be sharing the rest of the ground floor tour...even though someone else is living there now :(

In the meantime, we're trying to make the best of life in the 'burbs...going for lots of walks (even though there's nothing interesting to look at) and exploring the area by bike, which is something neither of us have really done before, even though we both grew up in the area.

Sigh...just 8 1/2 more weeks...


white collar | green soul said...


I have to laugh. You can look at garages.... lots and lots o' garages.

The house looks amazing - I can imagine it's hard to leave it behind, even for a little bit.

The good news is you will have a whole new appreciation for the city life as soon as you get back to it! (and a summer with air conditioning can't hurt!)

bs said...

Come on, there's a huge trail system you can walk/bike in right near by, and the down town is only a few minutes by bike. It's not that bad!

citify said...

It's true, there is a small village core about 4km away...we biked there last night. There are far worse suburbs out there...but it still pales in comparison to the amenities near our city house.