Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rick Pottruff's Search Engine City @ the AGH

For the last few weeks I've been catching glimpses from the street of a new large scale art piece in the entrance foyer of the Art Gallery of Hamilton.  I finally went in for a closer look the other day and I was blown away!

The piece, entitled Search Engine City is by local artist Rick Pottruff.  The drawing was completed on site and is filled with images of industry, traffic, fantastical machines, and more.  Pictures truly don't do the piece justice.  There are so many layers of detail - it's the type of drawing that one could look at a hundred times and still find something new.

It will be on display until August 21st and if you're in the Hamilton area, it is well worth seeing in person!  Here a few more images of the piece to whet your appetite:

And here are a few detail shots...check out the scenes of layer upon layer of snarled traffic...the massive propeller plane emerging from and even more massive pipe...and a tripped out battleship cruising across the wall: 

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Silvercloud said...

Thanks for the pics! You have inspired my to go back there...its been yrs! Looks amazing and thought it was 3d ffrom the first pic, not just a drawing!