Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magnolia Mayhem

After weeks of false starts, I think it is finally safe to say that spring is in full swing in Hamilton.  One need look no further for evidence than the masses of magnificent magnolias that have bloomed, seemingly overnight.  I swear, just a few days ago these trees were nothing but twigs and branches!

Even though it was a bit rainy this evening, I had to get out and photograph the bloom laden trees that line the streets of our neighbourhood.  If I have a chance, I'll re-shoot them in nicer weather...but even on a somewhat gloomy evening, these trees look brilliant!
This next one definitely takes the prize for most blooms!  It's a massive specimen indeed, nearly engulfing an entire house!
And check out these lovely neighbouring twins.  I wonder if fifty or sixty years ago when these guys were planted, did one neighbour copy the other?  Or maybe they challenged each other to a magnolia tree growing contest...who knows!  Either way, both look pretty amazing!
I really couldn't tell you what circumstances led to there being so many beautiful mature magnolias in our neighbourhood.  Perhaps the city planted some as a beautification initiative, or perhaps the neighbourhood just has ideal growing conditions for magnolia trees.  However they got here, they certainly are a welcome presence after a longer-than-usual winter!

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