Monday, May 30, 2011

City Love: Homewood Avenue

Welcome to Homewood Avenue - one of my all time favourite streets in Hamilton.  The stretch that spans between Queen and Locke is breathtaking and, even if it's slightly out of my way, I almost always find an excuse to walk down it.

It's leafy, filled with beautiful gardens and mature trees that enclose the street like some sort of city-sized cathedral.  The houses are both handsome and whimsical and I think it's their uniqueness that really makes this street stand out.  Along this two block stretch of Homewood there are Victorians, Edwardians, Foursquares, Georgians, and everything in between.

As the sun was setting this evening, I took a few shots of this beautiful Hamilton street:

These two Victorians remind me of something out of a Tim Burton movie, especially the one on the left.  I'd love to see what the rooms in those spires look like from the inside.

Some stately foursquares.
Some great houses that straddle between Edwardian and Victorian, built in the early 1900's.
A few of the more unique housing styles found on the street - the red-brick one story in particular.  It almost looks as though it may have originally served as a school house.
Even the more 'typical' houses on the street are pretty outstanding.
And just when you thought the street couldn't get any better - there stands Melrose United Church, like some sort of exclamation point at the end of these incredible two blocks.

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white collar | green soul said...

I love the one-storey brick house. There is something so beautiful in its simplicity.