Sunday, April 17, 2011

Porch Paint Possibilities

Spring is here and we're itching to get working on the outside of our house again.  At the top of our list is painting our porch and gingerbread-filled gable.  The porch just needs some good sanding and re-painting.  The gable on the other hand looks like it has been neglected for far too long and will need a little more than just cosmetics...we'll be calling in a professional to help us keep this heritage feature in tact.

In the meantime, we are deciding on a colour scheme.  We want to be sure of our choice before buying up gallons of paint and spending hours painting, so we did 5 photoshop mock-ups.  We'd love your feedback to help us decide!

A couple things to keep in mind though....
  • the roof currently has green asphalt shingles (visible here)....we don't plan to keep them forever, but they were put on by the previous owner just before we bought the house, so they'll likely stay for a number of years before we replace them with something more neutral
  • the front of our house faces north, that means it is never in direct sunlight and is pretty shady
  • we plan to ditch the brown storm door that's covering the beautiful wooden front door

So there ya have it!  5 schemes.  Which one is your favourite?  For reference, here is what the house looks like today:
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Bill and Nicole said...

I think I like option 2 best. Not only does it change things up but it seems to tie all the colors in together the best.

white collar | green soul said...

Hmm, okay - I'm not sure. I think the black may be too dark. It does match your trim though, so I do like it, but you mentioning that it's north facing, makes me think it should be lighter. I think option 4 is one I like... the black looks really sexy and I like the added colour in the soffit and gingerbread. But I think the white columns lighten it up considerably more than the black or dark grey.

I would also opt for even more colour. (That's just me though :)
- agata.

Anonymous said...

Torn between option #1 & #4 - The lighter pillars look more traditional and in keeping with the character of your house, but there is something very classy about the darker gray pillars!