Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A One of a Kind Leather Anniversary

Today is our 3rd anniversary.  According to a quick google search, the traditional gift for a third anniversary should be made of leather.  Here is what we got each other:

Ok, so perhaps the predominance of linen would have made this hand-printed poster a much more appropriate 4th anniversary gift...but it is hung by a leather lace.  Regardless, we love our 'Anatomy of a Bicycle' print by Hamilton artisan Jenna Rose.  We purchased it at the One of a Kind Show a couple weekends ago in Toronto and like everything Jenna Rose makes, this print is hand made...and that makes it one of a kind! 

Not only does it look beautiful hanging in our kitchen, but now we'll actually know what the guy at our local bike shop is talking about the next time our bikes are in for a tune-up.  Here's a detail shot:

It's hard to believe it was 3 years ago that we started our married lives together...this photo seems like just yesterday...

ahh yes, just look at that young citified love... (photo credit: Bassem).


Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding - it does not seem like 3 years ago!

Congrats again!!

~ jbs

Brett said...

Happy anniversary!