Sunday, April 10, 2011

Living and Dining Room...After

As promised, here are some after photos of our Living and Dining Rooms:

So most of the new pieces in this photo are guessed it...Ikea.  Expedit shelves, Mongstad mirror, Gilbert Dining Room chairs (though the colour has since been discontinued), and the Olunda alphabet print (the perfect print for an Interior Designer turned Preschool Teacher...aka, Tessa). (see it before)

Our Dining Room chandelier, purchased from Living Lighting. (see it before)

Though everything around it has changed, the fireplace remains the same...more on that later.  The rug in this photo was from...cringe...this place, but it was a steal at $30!  The painting, lamp, and vase were all from Home Sense (we're clearly still being weaned off of big box stores...sigh) (see it before)

We rescued this couch from the peril of dumpsterdom at Ikea (as it was being discontinued), though we still had to pay for it, it was a great deal!  The painting is a Tessa original...based on one that Ikea used to sell. (see it before)

There's the newest addition to our family.
(see it before)

The bay window with a chaise, also saved from Ikea dumpsterdom.
(see it before)

There you have it.  The Living and Dining Rooms as they look today.  The colours are Benjamin Moore with Boothbay Gray (HC165) on the walls and Wrought Iron (2124-10) above the fireplace. 

As I said before, for now, the rooms are done.  There are a couple longer term things we plan to do, such as refinish the hardwood floors, do something with the fireplace...and Tessa is already thinking of repainting!

-kyle and tessa


Jennifer L said...

Love the colour guys! Last time I was over, I told Mark "THIS is the colour I want for the basement!" :)

Citify said...

Thanks Jen! Tessa definitely gets full credit for the colour. Happy painting :)

Anonymous said...

It's fun to play "spot Charlie" in the pictures - I count 4 so far! Love the "cloud" light fixture in your living room - It gives an "aaahhhh" feeling if that makes sense!!

~ your weird mother