Saturday, April 2, 2011

Get Citified!

I've been citified for 1.5 years.  That's when, much to the horror of our families, Tessa and I bought our first house...downtown.  You see, we were both raised in a sleepy suburb...tree-lined streets...oversized houses with oversized garages...more cars than people...big box stores galore...the Canadian dream, no?  So perfect.  So desensitizing.  So depressing.

Now we live downtown.  We love our house, our neighbourhood, and our city.  This blog is about sharing the love we have developed for our city life - renovating our 120 year old Victorian home, living simply and loving life.  Along the way, we'll share the passions and inspirations that help guide us on this journey.  So, welcome to Citify.  Let the story begin...


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