Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Citified Laundry Line

Finally it's springtime in Hamilton and we can start hanging our clothes outside to dry.  We rigged up this clothesline last year along the side of our house.  It was pretty simple to make as we were able to use the metal stair that leads to our second floor as support.  The clothesline is fished through a drilled 2x4 at one end and hooks at the other to make four hanging lines, each spaced about six inches apart.
It's a really compact design with 50 feet of hanging length in a 12 foot space and it makes use of an area that isn't really usable space anyways since it's narrow and under a staircase.  We find that it's just enough room for a full load of laundry and still long enough for queen sized sheets.
Look at that fresh laundry, blowing gloriously in the wind!  In the winter we don't use our dryer either as we hang our laundry on a clothes rack in the basement, but there's nothing quite like laundry dried outside by the sun and the breeze.

With washing in cold water, using Sunlight Green Clean detergent, and hanging our laundry to dry, we're doing our best to reduce the carbon footprint of our laundry.


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